TV Report “Anxiety in the face of food” TINKU SALUD

Today at Tinku Salud we have Dr. Conchita Vidales, a well-known expert nutritionist. Dr. Vidales tells us that her passion for medicine comes from when she was a little girl who wanted to know how the doctor knew what was wrong people simply by using “that thing” around his neck. Since then she has been researching non-stop and learning more and more about the world of medicine and nutrition.

We have been able to talk to her about nutrition and how to eat during important events, because not everything works as we might expect, and not eating is not the solution.

One of the important points of the talk with Dr. Vidales has been her explanation about the difference between anxiety and hunger. You cannot miss what she has said because it is good for all of us!

How to eat properly? How to control anxiety before food?

This and much more in our health interview with Dr. Conchita Vidales.