A Healthy Life with Conchita Vidales

I am Dr. Conchita Vidales, an aesthetic doctor and specialist in nutrigenetics. My passion for Medicine made me understand the importance of a correct nutrition for the prevention and cure of diseases. For this reason my training throughout these years has focused on these fields to help all my patients to “be healthy inside and out“.

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Marta Solano

24 hour newscaster

“Conchita is a great professional with extensive experience, but above all I would highlight her humanity. Her empathy allows her to understand the patient and help them achieve the best results. “

Susana García

Influencer and blogger (@beautyblog)

“As Conchita’s patient, what I value most is the common sense that she applies to her work. In addition to everything she knows (she is constantly training and always knows all the studies and news), she understands the need for the diet to adapt to your lifestyle and even values the fact that you can treat yourself if that makes the diet more bearable. In recent months I have lost 11 kilos with a healthy and easy-to-carry diet. For me, there is no other professional like her.”

Quique Jiménez "Torito"

media reporter

“Undergoing the treatments of the great Dr. Conchita Vidales is undoubtedly trusting your body in one of the best professionals in the sector. Shedding pounds next to her is easy because she makes you believe in yourself and instills in you a new way of healthy living. The healthy body is the product of the healthy mind. Health is not everything, but without it everything else is nothing. Long live professionals like Conchita”.

Camen Alcayde

Journalist and TV presenter

“Tomate”, saved my life, and thanks to your treatments I was able to look divine and without a gram of cellulite, it has always been a super close treatment, at a nutritionist level, at a beauty level, so for me Conchita and her Center have been part of my life and in whom I will always continue to trust because they are very professional and wonderful, so a 10”.

FJPH patient

“A great professional and very close to the patient, who always looks for a remedy for each person.”

A Healthy Life with Conchita Vidales

My passion for Medicine is vocational and since I was little it was clear to me that I wanted to be a Doctor, so in 1994 I graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. My interest in Medicine made me explore other disciplines within it and it was my stay in Perugia (Italy) at the Institute of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Nutrition that launched me into the world of Nutrition, which I understood as a fundamental pillar to achieve a good overall health. To get everything that I know so far and want to transmit and share with you.