Do you want to know more about me?


Welcome to the area where I tell you a little more about my professional career from my beginning until today.

You can delve into my entire biography from my training to my time at the most important clinics in the country. I have had the pleasure of meeting very important personalities in the world of Medicine and nutrition, and from here I want to thank them for the impact they had on my professional and personal life. A special mention also to my father, who always believed in me, and to my husband, who has always advised, admired, helped, and endured me ever since.


My beginnings

Making myself known

After my first collaborations with other authors, it is Grupo Planeta who proposes a collaboration to launch almost a new book a year.
My collaboration with the audiovisual media (TV, radio) and the written press is common and I collaborate with them practically almost every month.

My training

Continuously training and studying to always give my patients the best care and advice.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid.

  • Expert in Eating Behavior Disorders (Cervantes Institute. Madrid).
  • Expert Master’s Degree in Anti-aging and Biological Medicine from the University of Alcalá de Henares.
  • Master in Aesthetic Medicine. Medimeet. Madrid.
  • Master in Nutrition and Dietetics. ADE. Barcelona.
  • GENNYCA INNOVA Corporation. Madrid.
  • Certified in MINDFULLNESS by LASALLE University. Madrid.
  • Master in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Alcalá. Madrid.

My professional career

Contribute to my approach and share it with everyone

After finishing my university studies I started working as a General Emergency Physician at the Moncloa HLA clinic. RAD (1995-2003) activity that combines a few years with my personal project at Nutrimedic clinic of nutrition-dietetics and aesthetic medicine. (1998 -2018). (1998 -2018).

My passion for sharing and teaching led me to collaborate as an associate professor in two Nutrition degrees of the Nursing and Medicine cycle at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid. 2015-2017. 2015-2017.

I have collaborated with many doctors in my desire to improve the quality of life of patients, among whom I always highlight my great stage in: Fundación Tejerina Nutrition Unit (2018-2020).

In addition, nutrition led me to develop protocols for improvement from the aesthetic point of view and here I began my contribution as a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition in the Plastic Surgery service Dr. Alessandro Oliveira (2017-2018).

After a few years of intense work, we still had the toughest revalidation at all levels: Doctor in a pandemic. The year 2020 became the year of my MASTER IN BODY AND SOUL MEDICINE par excellence. I.C.U. COVID-19: Internal Medicine Service. Moncloa Clinic, March – June 2020.

After this achievement, which will mark my professional and personal life forever, I have directed the Nutrigenetics and Corporal Aesthetic Medicine Service at ASISA Care (2017 -2022) and I currently direct the Nutrition UNIT at MARTIN DEL YERRO AMSELEM.


Editorial (all books are written in Spanish)

  • 2004: “Cocina sin sal”. Editorial Belacqva. De Paloma Gómez-Borrero, Dra. Vidales y Basa Gómez-Arroyo. 1st Edition 5,000 copies.
  • 2007: “Nutrición infantil”. Dome Books (Planeta Group). From Paloma Gómez-Borrero, Dra. Vidales y Basa Gómez-Arroyo. 1st Edition 5,000 copies.
  • 2009: “Superalimentas para los niños”. Dome Books (Planeta Group). Dr. Vidales.1st Edition 4,000 copies
  • 2010: “Zumo terapia”. Dome Books (Planeta Group). Dr. Vidales. st edition 3920 copies, 2nd edition 2000 copies.
  • 2011: “Lo mío no es hambre, es ansiedad”. Dome Books (Planeta Group). Dr. Vidales. 1st Edition 5,000 copies, 2nd Edition 1,200 copies.
  • 2013: “Cocina que cura”. Dome Books (Planeta Group). Dr. Vidales. 1st Edition 5,000 copies.
  • 2014: “Verde que te quiero verde“: Cúpula. Dr Vidales. 1st and 2nd edition 5000 copies.
  • 2015: “La digestión perfecta“: Cúpula. Dr Vidales. 1st Edition 5000 copies.
  • 2017:Activa tu metabolismo para cambiar tu vida “. Cúpula. 1st edition 5000 copies.

Various Media

  • 2004-2005: “La Cocina de José Andrés” (RTVE1), a cooking program directed and presented by the prestigious chef Jose Andrés where he intervenes as a doctor-nutritionist in different programs and also as a special guest in “Especial de Navidad”, “Asesoramiento de la merienda de los niños”, “La importancia del pescado azul” and others.
  • 2005-2008: “Espejo Público”(Antena3): Regular collaborator.
  • 2009: “Saber vivir”(RTVE1): Doctor and Nutritionist in the daily Nutrition section.
  • 2010: “Madrid Directo”(Telemadrid): Interventions for exposition of different topics: Juice therapy; Slimming Diets; The smart purchase; Healthy breakfasts for the family.
  • 2011: “Las mañanas de la Uno”(RTVE): Doctor and Nutritionist (July, August, September)
  • 2011: “España Directo:Operation set up for Gloria, the Veteran reporter” (RTVE1). For three months, the weight loss of a journalist from the program was followed live in the Nutrimedic office, in a realistic-show format.
  • 2012- 2016: Telemadrid, “Espejo público”: Well-being objective
  • 2017: C&C HEALTHY WOMEN (Home channel, Movistar TV).
  • 2017/ 2022 present Castilla la Mancha TV: Regular weekly collaborator as a Physician-nutritionist. “Estando Contigo
  • 2022: Head Nutritionist Doctor of the Tele 5 program “Ya es Mediodía” with Joaquin Prat.